Prominent Collections Attorneys

The clients of Relin, Goldstein & Crane LLP have relied upon us to aggressively pursue delinquent accounts throughout New York State since 1927. Engaging in both commercial and consumer collections, the firm works with national and local clientele, including banks, lending institutions, insurance companies, construction-related companies, food service distributors, and many other business entities.

The firm combines the power of technology with the use of thorough pleadings designed to promote the best possible resolution of each case. The Summary Judgment motion is employed as a tool to obtain quick judgment and place our client first in line to collect available funds.

Our commercial collections department works with national and regional collection agencies. Locally, we represent a diverse portfolio of businesses. Our attorneys and related staff are trained to maximize the recovery of receivables by using every legal means available to fully liquidate each delinquent account at the earliest possible moment.

Our consumer department works with private and public retail lending institutions. While claims are diligently and systematically pursued, the clients’ customers are treated with honesty, dignity, and respect. We are knowledgeable of and in compliance with all state and federal laws and regulatory requirements. In building our firm over the last 90 years, we have consistently emphasized the laying of a foundation of integrity and goodwill upon which our firm is based and upon which our clients rely.

Our collection practice, which began in Western New York, is now well known throughout New York State. In 2021, Relin, Goldstein & Crane LLP expanded its practice into Vermont at the request of one of its clients. Our staff takes pride in its professionalism and performance which ultimately translates into desired results.