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Relin Real Estate Quarterly Celebrates One Year!

A Quarterly Newsletter for Real Estate Professionals

July – September 2022

Relin Real Estate Quarterly Celebrates 1 Year

It’s hard to believe that 1 year has passed since we kicked off the Relin Real Estate Quarterly Newsletter. We’ve covered a variety of topics over those four issues: The Importance of an Owner’s Title Policy, Tips for Final Walkthroughs, Avoiding Confusion in MLS Listings and Purchase Contracts, Inspection Waivers, Escalation Clauses, Gap Appraisal Agreements, and Delayed Negotiations. If you missed any of the prior issues, they can be found by clicking here. Our goal is to provide quality content and we hope that you’ve found our insights on these topics interesting and helpful.

This quarter, we’d like to take break from our usual format to tell you a little bit about our Real Estate Team at Relin, Goldstein, & Crane, LLP. In this age of electronic communication, developing quality relationships and providing personalized services can be a challenge. Our goal is to deliver top-notch, exceptional service, with an appreciation for the unique qualities of each transaction and client.

RGC has been a part of the local legal community since 1927. Our dedicated Team of Attorneys and Paralegals has decades of experience in both residential and commercial real estate transactions. We help brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers move through their transactions smoothly, efficiently, and successfully! Each of us brings a depth of experience to the Team that allows us to maintain the highest standards of excellence. If you would like to read more about our Team, click here.

At RGC, we can assist with contract negotiation, resolution of title and other issues, preparation of closing documents, coordinating with attorneys and lenders, and educating our clients about the closing process. That sharing of information starts from the moment we are contacted by an agent or client. For example, we provide our clients with a summary description of what they can expect, whether they are buying or selling their property. We inform our clients about what they can do to facilitate the process and keep things moving in a forward direction. We find that our clients are very interested in taking the steps necessary to facilitate an efficient transaction and closing!

We are very proud of the relationships we have fostered and the rapport we have established with other professionals in the real estate industry. Those relationships can help us obtain successful outcomes and resolve issues more quickly than we would otherwise be able to do. For example, the longstanding relationships we have with our title vendors means they are keenly aware of our high standards and ensures their responses to us are timely and consistent with those high standards. The relationships we have with other professionals in the industry equates to a benefit that we can pass on to our clients.

We appreciate all of our clients and the agents who trust us with their transactions. We look forward to building lasting relationships with our brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, and vendors. We wish you all a prosperous, safe, and enjoyable Summer!

– Jacqueline A. Carosa, Esq.